5 Proven Strategies & Tools to Create Effective Pillar Content in 2020

Learn How to Create Pillar Content to Drive the Right Traffic to Your Website and Convert More Visitors into Customers. 


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We recommend the best SEO and keyword tools, tactics and best practices to build pillar content to drive crazy organic traffic to your website. 


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large firechat open bookCo-written by:

Gianni Quintana 

Director of Inbound Marketing

Ryan Leschel

Director of Content Marketing


Creating pillar content using a best practices in SEO approach will help you drive quality organic traffic to your website.

Content that will help your sales team to convert engaged customer leads who enjoy consuming your content and trust your brand.

It's all about creating the right content and serving it up in front of the right potential customers during their buyer's journey.

A successful content strategy requires for your marketing team or marketing agency partner to create videos, blogs, articles, emails, podcasts, all of which makes your company the experts of your services or products. 

After being inspired by Jakub Rudnik, Sr. Content Marketing Manager for G2.com , and their case study, which describes their strategies to grow from a few thousand website visitors to over a million in a year.

We decided to take some valuable insights from their case-study and share some tools, best practices and tactics in this content playbook. 

It's our hope that this playbook guide will help you write your own engaging pillar content strategies to grow your business 3X! 

P.S., If you need help don't hesitate to reach out and we'd be glad to help. 

Gianni Quintana
Director, Inbound Marketing - Paton Marketing

"As SEOs, we’ve got to be asking ourselves, “Okay, how do we build up an association between our brand or our domain and the broad keywords, terms, topics, phrases, so that we can rank" 

Rand Fishkin ~ SparkToro.com Founder 

Former Co-Founder of  moz.com