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Ryan Leschel Profile Picture eBook GuideWritten by: Ryan Leschel - Director of Content


For a long time now we at Paton Marketing have been driving home how important content is to all of our clients. We preach how it possesses the power to drive traffic to your site and put your company, brand, or passion on the digital map.

As an SEO/digital marketing company, it is our responsibility to educate our clients and show them just how important content can be. Well, the same goes for us!

After being inspired by Jakub Rudnik and his team's story of how G2 Crowd went from a few thousand visitors a month on their site to over 1 million in about a year.

It sparked an internal flame within our agency to create content for ourselves and to emulate the success that Jakub and G2 Crowd had achieved.  

It's my hope that this guide will help you write your own engaging content and bring success to your business! 


Ryan Leschel
Director, Content Marketing - Paton Marketing

For more than two years, we invested heavily in building out blog content with little direct effect on organic traffic. For the first nine months of 2017, our monthly blog organic traffic ranged from 3,000 to 5,000 sessions. In December 2017, we had 6,800 organic visitors. In March 2018, there were 50,381 organic sessions to our blog.

In March 2019, the G2 Learning Hub had 991,748 organic sessions.

Jakub Rudnik
Senior Content Marketing Manager at G2 Crowd